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Les formations de la Chaire Management & Diversité

La chaire Management & Diversité est également une chaire d'enseignement. Elle proposera donc différentes formations dans de multiples cursus.

Global Diversity and Workforce Sustainability

Harmony Day 2014 Symposium

organised and hosted by

Macquarie University’s Cultural Diversity Research Network (Department of Marketing and Management)  and the Centre for Workforce Futures, in partnership with the Ethnic Communities Council NSW


held on 21 March 2014 at the National Maritime Museum


 have been uploaded and can be found at:


http://www.businessandeconomics.mq.edu.au/our_departments /marketing_management/research/cultural_diversity_management _marketing/events/past_events/whose-harmony/_nocache


Please click on : See all the videos from the event


The transcript of the Vice Chancellor's presentation is at:  http://vc.mq.edu.au/2014/04/09/cdrn-marks-harmony-day-2014/


The transcript of the Race Discrimination Commissioner's presentation is at: https://www.humanrights.gov.au/news/speeches/meaning-harmony


La chaire commence à trouver son rythme de croisière. La troisième promotion du certificat Management & Diversité entame sa formation. Le travail de sensibilisation au management de la diversité auprès des étudiants de formation initiale commence à porter ses fruits ...

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